The color of HMA determines its performance, right?

You can find hot melt adhesive with different color in the market, such as white, milky white, transparent, light coffee, black, etc. They can be respectively applied to different fields of industry. For the difference of color, not just in order  to meet the requirements of color, and appearance is determined by raw materials. Difference in color is not directly related to the performance of hot melt adhesive.

The production formula affects the performance of hot melt adhesive a lot. If without requirements of color and oxidative deterioration, hot melt adhesive usually has the common color: white, taupe, transparent yellow, milk white, etc. Because when we melt different kinds of raw materials in the production process of hot melt adhesive, the raw materials of their own color also will play a certain role, then we get adhesive with different color.

We can judge performance of hot melt adhesive by its color, is it true? -- --absolutely not credible, it’s without scientific basis.

When the customers choose the color of hot melt adhesive, they will consider the impact on the appearance of their products. In order to meet the requirement of appearance, On the one hand manufacturers need to maintain the performance of products; On the other hand they will add color in hot melt adhesive’s formula. Only change the color of adhesive, and will not directly affect the performance. If add too much extra materials to increase the color, will reduce the thermal stability of hot melt adhesive. When hot melt faces extreme difference in the temperature, there will be various unstable factors in use.

There’s a buzz that milky adhesive has better performance than the white one. In fact, it ignores the factor of formula. If the formula is good , no matter what the color of the hot melt adhesive is, its performance will be excellent.