5S is carried out in Rurga

2015-06-03 16:05:47

Rurga is carrying out "5S", in order to keep all materials and facility of warehouse in order, as well open area where have material stored.

Overview of "5S"

This system is audemars piguet replica called “5s” because it involves a Five Steps process. Each step in the process is named using a word that starts with the letter “S”, the five steps are:

1. Sort
2. Set in order
3. Shine
4. Standardize
5. Sustain

5S advocates believe that the benefits of this methodology come from deciding what should be kept ,where it should be kept ,and how it should be stored.

5S is a manufacturing technique that uses workplace organization and standardized procedures to improve profits, safety, quality, productivity, customer satisfaction and Health Care Tips employee retention.

1. Establish standards to detect an abnormality
2. Create and maintain an organized ,clean and safe work area
3. Conditioning discipline for action workout
4. Increase productivity replica watches for sale
5. Save money and cut costs